We transform traditional sculpting into a fun and creative activity for kids

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Clay Sculpting awakens creativity:

- Helps develop visualization and interpretive abilities

- Sharpens hand-eye coordination and motor skills

- Builds confidence through an artistic discipline that most kids don't have      an opportunity to be exposed to

The process of tactile, hands-on creation is unique in it ability to ignite the creative spark in children, and results in tangible long lasting creations that kids can take pride in. By focusing on well-know animation characters, a familiarity and affection for the subject matter empowers and encourages the creative experience. At Cody's Sculpture Studio, your child will receive one-on-one guidance through every step of their learning. Familiarization with the materials and tools.  Evaluating the approach for different characters. Secrets for transforming a character from 2D to 3D. Learning how to create the details that make a sculpture come alive.Techniques to refine the finished sculpture.

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Class size limited to 8 Students


  90 Minutes Per Lesson


Thursday-   1:00pm-2:30pm


Friday-        1:00pm-2:30pm





Introduction to Colored Sculpy Clay, Teaching how to form basic shapes and combine them into completed finished sulptures.  Demonstrating how to use sculpting tools to refine surfaces and add details. Most projects completed in one to two classes

& Beginner

   90 Minutes Per Lesson

Monday-          1:00pm-2:30pm




Tuesdays-       1:00pm-2:30pm 


Wednesday-   1:00pm-2:30pm


Learning how to refine shapes and add textures to create more complex designs. Refining the students ability to work with sculpting tools for contouring the surface. Learning how to incorporate basic wire armatures into the sculpture for dynamic poses.


     2 Hours Per Lesson

Saturday-      10:30am-12:30pm

Teaching more complicated projects utilizing wire armatures. Students will be learning how to design their own projects, using references for inspiration.  How to create interesting poses and adding layers of detail. How to make bas-relief sculptures, and create the illusion of depth.

Email or Call to schedule a FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS!  codysculpturestudio@gmail.com  661-400-1514


About Me

Master Character Sculptor, Cody Pence with 25 years experience producing product sculptures for Disney, Warner Brothers, Hasbro and Mattel.


Cody makes you look good. He brings his talent to bear on your project and it looks better than you could imagine. Always a pleasure to work with.  - Dwight Wanhala, Disney Character Artist/ Designer

Cody is one of the best Disney sculptors. Over the years he has sculpted Maquettes for new Disney characters that have become the standard for artists to follow. He has a great sense of grace and detail in his work and turns around sculptures quickly. He is also easy to work with and takes direction well. When ever I was in a crunch to have new Disney characters sculpted, we turned to Cody Pence.  -Gabriel Maldonado, Design Manager, Product Development at Disney Consumer Products

Cody Pence is an incredibly talented artist. There are not many sculptors like Cody, who are able to create an amazing sculpture based on one 2D view only. Its such a time saver since creating turnaround drawings is a long process. He works very fast and requires very minimal input. I highly recommend him for any sculpting project, since he is able to recreate any style. -

Kotarba-Mendez Dorota, Director, Character Art at Disney Consummer Products.

Cody is an excellent sculptor that I have work with over the years, starting at Disney. He is passionate about his work and always delivers beautiful sculpts even within tight deadlines. It is always a pleasure working with him!  -Anna Lee, Design Studio



Cody's Sculpting Studio

25542 Housman Place

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